This modular kit is what you have been looking for to construct all the Medieval Fantasy

Village & Town, Taverns & Inns, Magic Shop, Town Halls, Guild Halls, Black Smith's Forge

Exteriors for your new game.

The Package is 100% Stand Alone, but also the SUPER Companion pack for the

Village Interiors Kit. The interiors will snap right in, with the Exteriors fitting like a glove.

Package contains 2061 meshes & 2035 Prefabs, all of them light map ready.

The package was developed for Top Down, FPS as well as 3rd person style game,

both Desktop and Mobile.

Key Features:

- Buildings uses 1 X 4096 texture map

- Diffuse & Normal maps

- 18 tile able ground textures diffuse & normals

- 48 Pre-done buildings to start you of with

- 6 Wall texture sets

- Wooden and Slate roof sets

- Underground basements even with Terrain

- See-through open able windows

- Modular Stone and Wooden Bridge Kit

- Modular Wooden Decks

- Modular Plinth System

- Modular Balconies

- 26 Modular Fence sets

and many many more ...

All screen shots taken from the 4 included demo scenes:

- Viking Village

- Medieval Village

- The Old Inn

- Basement


Interiors & small props not included, they are from Village Interiors Kit

Trees are from Forst

Music from Mario Bastos

Sky boxes not included, they are from Allsky

Horse not included, it is from Dootsy

* Action RPG Top Down Camera Controller was used in Top-Down demo

* character not included in package